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About SWB

Established in 2008, Statistics Without Borders (SWB) is a volunteer outreach group of the American Statistical Association (ASA). SWB arose from the excitement generated by a topic-contributed panel entitled “Statisticians: Speaking Out and Reaching Out on Global Health” at the Joint Statistical Meetings by Steve Pierson, Gary Shapiro, Jim Cochran, and Fritz Scheuren.

SWB provides pro bono statistical and data science services. We work to improve human welfare by providing empirical knowledge using proper applications of statistical principles and best practices so that our clients can make more informed decisions. We focus on areas where access to such resources is limited. 



  • SWB advocates objective, impartial, and sound decision making using best statistical practices.
  • SWB provides analytical services through client projects for public benefit that support goals that are non-religious, non-political, and non-personal, with a focus on developing countries.
  • SWB assists organizations outside of the for-profit sector, with priorities given to organizations with limited access to statistical resources.
  • SWB strengthens its clients and their communities by helping them build their capacities in statistics, data science and analytics, and promotes best practices in these areas.



  • SWB does not accept payments or remunerations of any kind from clients.
  • SWB does not collect any volunteer fees or subscription dues.
  • If you would like to donate, the ASA will accept donations earmarked for SWB use.
  • All donations are used exclusively for helping SWB function, like website hosting costs. Volunteers are never paid or reimbursed. 


Statistics Without Borders Charter, Handbook, and Policies


Learn more about SWB in this video.