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Request a Project

Our Process for Initiating a New Project

SWB welcomes project requests, as we are eager to help new and existing clients. If you are a new client, please fill out the New Client Questionnaire. If you are an existing client, please Request a Project.

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  • Client(s) are identified.
  • The project is defined.
  • The problem or need is determined at a high level.
  • Ensure SWB criteria are met.

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  • The scope and design are delineated.
  • The client signs off on the project.
  • A call for volunteers is sent.
  • A project team is formed.

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  • The project is executed.
  • The project is documented and presented to the client.
  • Client provides feedback.
  • Client signs off on the project's completion.

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  • The project is finished.
  • The team is debriefed.


Please also see the video below for an overview of a new project request.


If you have a project with which you would like statistical assistance, please fill out the Statistics Without Borders New Client Questionnaire if you have not already done so. If you have already filled out this form, simply Request a Project.

We will be in touch within one week about your project. We will work with you to evaluate your project's needs. If accepted, we will assign an SWB team to work on your project under one or two of our project leaders. The team will work with you to complete the project according to your specifications and to meet your timeline.

If for any reason you do not hear from us within one week, please contact us at to check on the status of your request. Thank you!

New Client Questionnaire

Request a Project