How We Can Help

Statistics Without Borders (SWB) contributes to the common good by providing pro bono statistical, data science and analytical services. Below you will find information on who we are, what we do and what we believe. Our numerous committed volunteers, located throughout the world, are eager to help, so please reach out to us if you would like to engage our services. We are also always looking for more volunteers who share our values and our passion for empirical analysis. 

About SWB

Statistics Without Borders is a volunteer outreach group of the American Statistical Association, and we provide pro bono services in statistics and data science. We believe in the inherent dignity and worth of all people everywhere. By freely giving our time and talent to support them and promote their welfare, we live our values.

We also believe that the proper application of statistical principles and best practices can help realize SWB's and our clients' mutual goals. Our dedicated volunteers share their expertise to provide data-driven knowledge to help our clients make more informed decisions. SWB focuses on projects in the developing world because access to and funding for these resources are often limited.


Our Mission

Advocate objective and sound decision-making using robust analyses and best statistical practices.

Provide analytical services for the common good that supports communities' goals, with a focus on helping developing countries.

Assist organizations outside of the for-profit sector, with priority given to those with limited access to statistical resources.

Help clients and communities build capacity in statistics, data science and analytics to promote data-driven solutions.

SWB Volunteers

Are all SWB volunteers statisticians?

No, definitely not! We need and welcome people from different backgrounds for a variety of roles. While most of our volunteers do have statistical training, you do not need to have majored in statistics to help advance our mission. 

Without the generous contributions of time and knowledge from many individuals with diverse backgrounds, we would not be able to provide analytical expertise to help our clients who need assistance. Our volunteers are the backbone of our organization.




Our Projects

At Statistics Without Borders, our projects are at the core of our mission. We pair experienced professionals with junior analysts to work on our projects for our clients that are often serving developing countries. As a volunteer with SWB, you will be helping some of the world's neediest and most marginalized people while gaining valuable skills. 

Through our projects, we help people in resource-limited settings who do not have statistical training by partnering with them and by sharing our expertise. With our colloborations, we provide meaningful deliverables to meet our clients' stated objectives and our shared goal of helping humanity.

The scope of our work is broad and diverse. Our projects have involved survey and experimental design, dashboard creation, visual presentations, and providing forecasts, statistical and data analysis. Our big, diverse and talented volunteer base gives us considerable range in the services we offer, which we are continually expanding. If you're interested in engaging SWB in a project, please reach out to us by filling out our new client questionnaire or a request for a project.