Our volunteers play many different and important roles at SWB. As of November 2021, we had almost 1,900 volunteers. Here are a few things our volunteers have to say:


Profile picture of Stephen Godfrey

"As [the United States] initially responded to one of the most dramatic economic shocks in its history, the disruption precipitated by the COVID-19 pandemic, I, like others, wanted to help my fellow citizens and make some small contribution to restoring some stability. While I expected that contribution to be small, I was hopeful that there was a way to scale it to have a broader impact" 

-Stephen Godfrey

Profile picture of Raymond Ilanda Majengo

"The client had a pet adoptive agency and in the project, they wanted to know factors affecting the pet adoption with the objective of increasing pet's adoptions."

-Raymond Ilanda Majengo

"The Rwanda project is truly international, gathering together over 70 volunteers from all across the world! I feel extremely fortunate to be involved in this great initiative, sharing statistical knowledge and skills with learners in Rwanda and beyond. In a period when global communities seem hard to come by, we've been able to build something really special!"
- Ian Barrett