"You probably know the ASA has chapters and sections. However, you may not know there is a third type of ASA group—the outreach group. There are four, including the Caucus of Academic Representatives, Friends of Australasia, Isolated Statisticians, and Statistics without Borders (SWB). For the April president’s column, I invited Gary Shapiro, SWB chair, to describe this group and tell you about its activities.
~ Nancy L. Geller, ASA President

'Serving as a volunteer on an international health project can be a personally rewarding and satisfying experience.'

Statistics without Borders is an apolitical group that was formed in late 2008 to provide pro bono statistical support to organizations involved in not-for-profit international health (broadly defined) efforts. The goal of the group is to achieve better statistical practice, including statistical analysis and design of experiments and surveys. To that end, there are about 250 members from many countries, far exceeding expectations..."

While SWB members have a wide range of expertise, most projects so far have involved survey planning and/or analysis of survey data. Most work has been done through email, but there have been occasional trips to developing countries. Following are a few examples of SWB projects: ..."


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Statistics without Borders